Monday, 9 October 2017

Praying hands - A cross Stitch Finish

Hi all

 Hope all r doing good. I am doing good and busy with my embroidery projects. This is a short post to show u one of my cross stitch finish. 

It is a famous picture which u can see in most of the christian home that tell about the tells the importance and value of prayer. It is a free design from  I have added the text in it.

I have stitched on 14 ct aida with 2 strands of dmc threads. This is the first. Time i am using dmc threads. But i didn't find any difference between anchor and dmc threads. 

I am planning to stitch one more to office it in my home as this one is hanging in our office.

On my embroidery hoop is a kasuti saree and an embroidery stitch sampler. Will give details about that in my next post. 

Have a nice time with needle n thread.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Button hole stitch sample

It's been so many days i have posted here. My laptop is not working and i have to wait till my new laptop comes. I don't know when i will get my new laptop. So before that i thought of posting about a small sample i have embrobefore from my mobile.  This is just a sample before proceeding to a big project.

Yes, I am planning to make an embroideref yoke for myself. The pattern, fabric and threads all r ready. Tomorrow i will be starting that project. So before that have a look at my sample piece along with the pattern.

I have used button hole stitch for the flowers, back stitch for the stem, lazy daizy and straight stitch for the small leaves.

I have some more projects to show which i have done for the sale in the church.  Will come up with those one by one when i get a new laptop.  

Have a happy time with needle n thread.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Smalls SAL - July Fairy, MCP update

Hi friends,

Although I complete the fairy on time I was late in posting.  I took only one day to complete it nearly 3 hours.I am happy with the finish.  For this month I am aiming to finish two fairies because I haven't stitched 2 fairies out of 7(jan- july).  So here is my fairy

Also I have completed one more page in mega cross stitch project.  I have moved to second section. Doing 100 stitches a day makes a good progress in a large project like this.  But this month I am not able to do 100 stitches a day since I have a deadline to finish two kurtis.  So after finishing that I will be concentrating on this large project.

After.  Sorry for the wrinkles and creases in the cloth.


In my next post I will come up with an embroidery and its design.  Till then watch this space.  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Crochet Hexagon baby blanket - Ta......da.....

Hi friends

Hope all r doing well.  From my side I am busy crocheting for a sale in my church in September.  I have completed some projects and one is a hexagon crochet blanket.  Whenever I see a hexagon in crochet it tempts me to start something on it.  This time I started with a plan of doing a blanket for a single bed.  But I ended up doing a baby blanket. I like to crochet hexagons.  But I didn't like the joining part.  So much to join and so many odd ends. So I finished it into a baby blanket.  On the whole it is a relaxing process.  This is my finished blanket.

I made 5 hexagon flowers with 7 hexagons.  Each hexagon is a of 5 rounds of solid granny hexagon .  Around that I added 12 hexagons to make another round.  Then made half hexagon flower to bring the blanket to rectangle shape.

For joining I place two hexagons with the right sides together and sew then thru the corresponding back loops. 

Yarn used : 4 ply acrylic yarn from pradhan.
Hook used : 4 mm
Pattern: Solid granny hexagon.  

I am happy that I have completed this blanket within a short period  concentrating only on this.  One more crochet bag is completed.  Waiting for a zipper to get attached.  It will take only an hour to do it.  But it is getting postponed.  I don't know why this happens with most of my projects.  Final touch takes a long time.  Now a days I am addicted to see the videos of creative grandma in you tube.  She teaches crochet stitches that creates a nice texture and have done some swatches watching her videos.  As my next crochet project I am planning to make another bag with one of those stitches.

On my embroidery hoop now

Will come up about this in my next post.  Till then, Happy crocheting and embroidering.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Smalls SAL fairy, WIPs

Hello my dear readers

For the past two months I was not able to stitch my fairies for smalls SAL.  And I managed to stitch the April fairy with a small quote.  I stitched the words using backstitch.   I am happy with the finish. The weather was not good to take a photograph.  Since I want to check in to the smalls SAL on time I managed to take one and that's why my fairy is here today.

Also I whipped some solid granny hexagons and made it into grandmas flower garden hexagon flowers.  I am going to join those flowers to make a baby blanket.  

In my embroidery hoop, a kasuti saree WIP.  I am working on this for 10 to 15 mins in a day.  Last year I didn't do anything on my sarees.  Two plain sarees are waiting for their turn and this green cotton saree got into my hoop.  Now I am working on the border.  Below is the progress of 2 days work.  I will be updating the progress on this saree in every 15 days.  The same pattern gets repeated for 9 metres. And I will be adding some big motifs for the pallu and small motifs in between. 

My mega cross stitch project is also growing steadily.  I am happy that I am doing 100 stitches a day which makes a fairly good progress..  That's all from my side.   Will see u with another finish.  Till then, Have a happy time with needle and thread. 

I am linking this post to smalls SAL June check in.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Popcorn Heart

Hi all

Last week when I was visiting my blogger friends posts Nima's popcorn cushions attracted me.  It was love at first sight.  I love to do popcorn stitch.  Immediately I googled for the patterns and I came across this site which have some basic popcorn charts.  For the base I used Half double crochet.  To my surprise I got succeeded in my first attempt.  I don't want to keep the trial piece in my cupboard sitting idle so I immediately transformed that piece into a cushion.  I used solid granny square around the trial piece.  After attaining the size of the cushion front I made rows of dc's on both sides and made it into an envelope cushion cover.

Back of the cushion cover.  Added some buttons in the opening.  Buttons purchased from Pradhan embroidery stores long back.  I am  happy that I have used that and added to it, it matches well with the color of the cushion.  I will be doing one more with another chart to pair this one,

My work in progress.  I am doing four fabric cushion covers and the first one is over. I am using some quilt block patterns for that.  Second one is in progress.  

The name of the quilt block pattern is Hourglass quilt block.  I am not quilting it.  Just adding a backing  fabric.  That's all.  Will   come up with other cushions once I finish it.  Also I've been done with a crochet bag and this week end I will be concentrating to catch up the fairies for the Smalls SAL. A hexagon project is also in progress.  Three more kurtis are also waiting for kasuti and kutch embroidery.  Will see how I am using my time efficiently.  

That's all from  my side.  What's going on your crafting table.  Bye.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Crochet purses and Mega cross stitch update

Hi friends

I am here with two crochet purses and an update with my mega cross stitch project.  

First the purses.

Stitch used : Primrose stitch
I used 8 ply yarn for this.  This stitch gives a thick dense texture.  So I didn't give any lining to the purse.  

Stitch used : Crossed double stitch
I used local acrylic yarn for this.  I am not happy with the way it turned out.  When I saw the tutorial in the above link I thought there will be small holes after crocheting.  But it leaves somewhat big holes and it needs lining.  I didn't line it coz I am going to keep the threads for the smalls cross stitch projects.

Now onto the update on my mega cross stitch project. It's been months I have given an update on this project.  1/4th of the chart has been completed(9 pages).  Still I have to work on 27 pages.  A long way to go.  Now I am concentrating on this with an aim of 100 stitches a day.  Not more than that.  

AFTER completing the first set of pages.

Hope by the mid of next month I will try to finish the first page of second part.  

For the last two month I didn't stitch the fairies for the smalls SAL.  So not I am catching it now.  Will come back with those fairies in my next post.  

We have a set of four cushions in the sofa.  Planning to do a quilt block cotton fabric sofa cover for those cushions as the cover that came along with those cushions released so much of heat during summer.  So before next summer I should finish those four cushion covers.  Fabrics are ready.  Will come up with those details in a separate post.  

Thanks for watching my space.  Have a happy time with needle, thread and hooks.