Thursday, 16 February 2017

Pillow covers, kutch motif

Hope all r doing good.   Today I have been here to show you two sets of pillow covers with kasuti embroidery border and a stencilled border.  The stencilled patch was also done loooooooooong back.  Only now the time has come to attach those patches and borders to fabric to be sewn into a pillow case.  Happy with the outcome.

For the red one I followed the tutorial here in youtube.  For the stencilled one I have sewed it in the normal way.  But for the side seams I used french seams.

Also I have done with a kutch work motif.
  Going to quilt the piece and 
i am going to make a bag out of it.

I had some fabrics in my stash and tried paper piecing hexagon.  It came out well.  I will show  that in my next post .  Till then happy embroidering.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Smalls SAL - January fairy

Last year I participated in the smalls SAL hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.  But I was not regular in posting each month.  So this year I have decided to stitch the Lucie heaton fairies and at last I will be framing it.    So here is the January fairy.

A closeup

I have stitched this on 14ct aida with two strands of anchor embroidery threads.  Back stitches are done with 1 strand.  It took nearly 4 hrs to finish this fairy.  The border looks plain. so I thought of adding some more stitches to make it fancier.  Will show it in my next months SAL.

Also I am stitching the rainbow sal .  It is an interesting one for those who love mono color cross stitch.  Borders are worked in two colors and each blocks in different colors.  you can finish  a block in one or two sittings.   Here is my block1.

I am linking this post to smalls SAL -January check in here.  You can find so many interesting smalls stitched by other cross stitchers.

I have done with a set of pillow cases and my granny stripe blanket is growing nicely.  I will come up with pillow cases in my next post.  Till then happy cross stitching.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Embroidered yoke - 1, Gifts

Thanks for all your comments in my last post.  Today I have come up with an embroidered yoke along with its pattern.  It is embroidered with the simple stitches.

Fly stitch(3 strands)

Anchor thread no's: 530(blue) and 225(green)

For the center I have glued a round stone of green and blue colors.  I will be attaching this piece to a kurti later.  

During christmas I have received a gift from my blogger friend Mini.  She has sent me so many goodies-( a cross stitch magazine, cross stitch kit, a post card, cross stitch card, mini hangers, a crochet bookmark, a pincushion, embroidery thread, cross stitch cloth of finer count) some of them are in my wishlist to buy. Especially the cross stitch magazine and the mini hangers.,  I love it.  Thanks Mini.

I have made a little progress in my needlepoint project and a good progress in granny stripe blanket,  Also, done two set of motifs in the kasuti sampler.  In my next post I will come up with the stitching part for January for the SAL's I am participating.  Till then Happy stitching.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Kasuti embroidered borders, Needlepoint start, WIP updates

Hi all

Hope all r  doing great with new plans, new dreams and new resolutions.  In my side, though I had a little problem with cough and cold last week, my crafty journey is going on smoothly.  Last year I decided to do some pillow covers before christmas since I had a red dotted fabric in my stash.  I thought of adding a little bit of hand embroidery in it and decided to do embroidery patches and attach to it.  I have done with kasuti embroidery borders in 10ct matty cloth with three strands of anchor embroidery threads.  But I keep on postponing the sewing part and by the time christmas and new year were over.   Till now I didn't feel like taking my sewing machine out of its cover.  So here I am showing only the embroidered borders or patches.  

This weekend I will be sewing this and another pillow cover with a touch of stenciling in it.  I will show it once I finish both.

As I have planned in the beginning of this year, I have started the needlepoint wall hanging kit which was with me for more than 3 years.  Seeing the chart I thought it will be a complicated one, since the chart contains only one fourth of the design.  But after starting it I got the hang of changing the direction of the working piece and continue with the chart which is new to me.  So far the stitching is going on well and I liked it a lot.  Here are the two pictures after the end of day1 and day2 of stitching.

I have some progress in my mega cross stitch project and granny stripe blanket which I have done during Nov and Dec.  

One more page to finish the top blocks.  Will try to finish the next page within next month.  This project will again travel with me this year.



I have completed one third of the blanket.  only 21 color stripes remaining. Means I have to do 42 rows.  I am strictly doing 2 rows a day and hopefully I will be finishing this project within Feb 10th along with a simple border. When I show this blanket next time mostly it will be a Ta.. da.. post.  

In my next post I will come up with a simple yoke pattern which I have designed with the basic embroidery stitches and the first block of the rainbow SAL 2017.    Till then, Have a happy time with needles , yarns and threads.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Embroidery start up and plans for 2017

Hi all,

We r in the 5th day of Jan and it looks like the days are running.  I have started up my crafty journey with these two embroidered flowers.  Last year I didn't stitch up any surface embroidery.  I was more into kasuti work and kutch work.  So, to refresh me t have stitched these two designs.  hope all of you like it.

Small flowers are worked in fly stitch.  For all the stitches I used two strands of thread. I will come up with more embridered flowers this year.  I will be finishing these pieces of embroidery as a wall hanging quilt. 

This new year I didn't take any resolutions.  But I have decided to be happy with what I have.  I will try to be patient whatever situations may be and should accept the ups and downs if any with a calm mood.  

On the crafty front, I am continuing with the granny stripe blanket, Mega cross stitch project and the kasuti sampler.  

This year I am participating in the smalls SAL cross stitch.  Last year I was not regular in this SAL.  So this year I have selected the Lucie heaton fairies chart to stitch and framing in the end of the year.  Also, Started to do the rainbow SAL. The borders and the first part are published.  Any of you want to do cross stitching with no color changes often this SAL is for you.  Each block is stitched up in one color.

Apart from these, I have the following plans for 2017.

  1. Finish Praying hands cross stitch(for sale in church)
  2. Needlepoint wall hanging kit
  3. Long stitch kit (These two kits are with me for a long time)
  4. Kasuti embroidery kurti
  5. Embroidered saree(Planning to do with kantha embroidery motifs)
  6. 5 crochet bags and 5 purses(interlocking crochet)(for sale in church)
  7. Practice long and short stitch(L&S) and finish atleast one small project using L&S
All these project will take time and if I get bored I will be stitching small motifs or flowers or practice designs in any new forms of embroidery(like hardanger, needlepoint).

I have some more small designs and a big finishes to show you from last years crafty journey.  Will come back with the embroidered patches.  Till then happy crafting.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Round up of 2016

Hi all

Hope u all had a wonderful christmas .  Mine is a joyful one with family and unexpecting met my close friend this week which makes the vacation even more happy.  Also received a gift from my blogger friend Mini.  My joy knew no bounds.  Thanks Mini.  I will blog about it later.

Looking back of 2016 it's an year of productivity.  On the crafty side I am satisfied and presenting to you a collage of all my works of 2016.

Crochet works of 2016

Cross stitch works of 2016

Embroidery works of 2016

Needlepoint works 2016

Also I have tried my hands on needletatting this year.  Three big projects( A granny stripe blanket, kasuti sampler, Mega cross stitch project) I am taking it as a WIP to continue on 2017. 

Moreover, God has been so gracious this year and He's there on my side when there were some ups and down.  He helped me to go thru all the situations and makes me to come more closer to Him. 

I will meet u all in the new year with the plans for the new year.  Till then, Bye.


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Tapestry doily

Hi all,

As christmas is  nearing I want to show you one more finish from my side for this christmas.  Last year when I saw this tapestry crochet for christmas post from Nima I have decided to make one for me this year.   Thanks Nima for the inspiration.   I make doilies but without knowing how to display it, I use to keep it safe in my closet.  And if i display it in a table my kids will surely spill something over it.  With that fear I will not display doilies.  When I saw Nima displayed her doily in a canvas, I was happy that I have found a way to display.  So, finally I made the same doily which she has made. But I made a different edging from a picture pattern from pinterest, as I was not able to figure out the pattern from her doily.  And here is my doily,


This is the chart which I have worked the edging.  It is from pinterest.  I didn't have the link for it.  This is the first time I am working with the chart and it is easy.

Finally I have managed to buy the canvas and painted it with red color acrylic paint.  I have given two coatings.  I didn't get modpodge in my place.  So I mixed 1 quantity of fevicol with 3 quantity of water and fixed the doily with the canvas and let it dry.  And the result is here.

I am happy with the result.  Since the canvas does not have any holes for hanging it, I've simply displayed it in my table.  Is there any idea to hang it.  After christmas I thought of framing it, otherwise it will get dust and the beauty of the doily will go in course of time.

Also, I have managed to finish two cross stitched pieces into ornaments.

Sorry for the picture quality.  I have taken it in night light.  The first one I have stitched for the smalls SAL last year.  The second one I have finished last month.  For the first piece I have simply glued all the four sides of  the cross stitched pieced in a card board and again glued another cardboard for backing.  Made a twisted cord and glued it all around.  Similarly for the second one I have kept a thin batting foam in between the piece and cardboard and then glued it all the four sides.  The second one looks better than the first one.  Using twisted cord it a simple way of finishing such small cross stitched or embroidered pieces.  While displayed it looks super cute.

I am not able to embroider or crochet as I have planned to finish before christmas, since we have back to back appointments with the eye doctor for my mother.  She is advised to take lucentis injection.  Any body have idea about that injection.  I have learned from the net that it may have side effects.  And we are worried since she has sight only in one eye.  Any way we have to take risk hoping postively otherwise the problem will go even worse.  So this week crafting will be minimal from my side and I have planned to take the WIP's to the next year.  But before this year I will come up another final post with all my finishes and some plans I have for the next year.  

Till then, happy crocheting and cross stitching.